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X-mas recipes

               IT Inspired Christmas Guide 2023:

1. Cookies Always Accepted
For this festive season, let's make an exception and accept all cookies - whether virtual or the biscuits under the tree.

2. Hotfixing with Mulled Wine
Hotfixing with Mulled Wine - If you encounter a bug in your Christmas tree, fear not - a hotfix will be underway in no time with a mug of mulled wine in hand.

3. Dinner with All Stakeholders
Let's invite all stakeholders to the table - from developers and testers to users - to share Christmas Eve joys together.

4. Agile Decoration Planning
Approach to decorating the tree? Of course, Agile! One iteration each day, retrospectives, and improving decorating techniques for an optimal result.


Recipes for Great Christmas Cookies


Linzer Tart Cookies

There are no nuts in these buttery Linzer Tart cookies (Linecké Koláčky)! They have a lovely hint of lemon and a burst of delicious jelly/preserves goodness. I love these so much with raspberry or red currant preserves, but other flavors would work, too. I buy the highest quality preserves available. These are less crunchy and more melt-in-your mouth than other Linzer cookies. They hold up well. I sometimes make a double batch because these are my personal favorite Christmas cookies.


Vanilla Crescents

This popular buttery vanilla and nut cookie is enjoyed throughout much of Central Europe. These taste great the first day, and even better as they age. I always make plenty! They are my husband’s favorite cookie. My mother-in-law used roasted hazelnuts, which is also my usual choice, but other types of nuts could also be used. The pictured cookies are smaller than they may appear. I consider them a two-bite cookie, while my husband eats them in one.


Farmers cheese Christmas Bread

This farmers cheese version of vanočká has all of the same flavors and shape as the traditional one above. However, it does not contain yeast. Rather it uses baking powder and other leavening agents, yet the finished loaf is equal in size and perhaps even a bit more tender. It’s quicker to make than version 1, requiring less than 2 hours from start to finish. Having the right farmers cheese is crucial. It’s available in some grocery stores in the US, or can be found online or in Polish goods shops.


Recipe to accept all cookies

Indulge in the joy of the holiday season with our versatile cookie recipe. These cookies not only promise a delightful taste but also provide a canvas for various festive messages. Customize them with your favorite flavors like vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, or lemon zest, creating treats that are perfect for sharing warm moments during Christmas.


Wasp Nests or Bee Hive Cookies

Vosi Hnizda are cute no-bake rum eggnog filled 3-dimensional cookies. The traditional version includes a nut-based dough for the “nest” or “hive” part, though people with nut allergies can find no-nut versions online, elsewhere. My mother-in-law made them without cocoa (resembling a bee hive more and highlighting the nuts), but those who like cocoa, can add it. They are traditionally filled with a rum-flavored eggnog, but other flavors and fillings can be used. The cookie dough and base include wafer-like vanilla sponge cookies. The base is a whole cookie and holds the eggnog in. Some people get extra creative and dip them in chocolate. They could even be decorated to look like a Christmas tree.

5. VPN to the North Pole

With a Virtual Private Network, you can securely share your wishlist directly to the North Pole.

6. Unlimited Cloud Storage for Memories

Upload and store an unlimited amount of beautiful Christmas memories in your personal cloud storage.

7. Smooth Recovery from Festive Excess

Our recovery strategies are in place to help us rebound from all the Christmas overindulgence and surplus.

8. Scaling Up the Joy
Ensure your joy and happiness are scalable to cover all your loved ones during the holidays and approved by all “users” in our household.

9. UX of Unwrapping Gifts
This season we focus on the UX (User Experience) of unwrapping gifts
- how can we optimize the joy and surprise for everyone opening a present?


10. Repository Full of Joy
Our repositories are filled with joy and happiness, ready to be “committed”
and “pushed” to our loved ones throughout the season.


Christmas wishes

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