BankersCom 2022

Cleverbee attended the BankersCom conference in Switzerland.

We don't limit our trend tracking to local markets. This year we were also part of one of the most important conferences for senior managers from the banking and finance sector in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. The #BankersCom platform is a unique opportunity for dialogues and sharing of important insights and information from the banking and finance sector and is supported by the academic sponsorship and participation of the prestigious University of Zurich.
Cleverbee attended the BankersCom conference in Switzerland.

For us at #Cleverbee, it is absolutely essential to keep track of developments and visions. In this way, we add value to our solutions not only in terms of the technological aspects, but also provide know-how to our clients from a business perspective.

This year, topics were selected that relate to current events and future developments:

Asset Management is a growing segment of the Swiss financial centre with a differentiated value proposition. Asset Management contributes to the diversification of the Swiss financial centre and complements Private Banking and Wealth Management as an independent discipline . We must therefore ask ourselves what the decisive factors in their value creation or size are.

New bank value creation models are required based on open infrastructure with data and systems integrated end to end, digital capabilities, technical and organizational agility and collaboration in ecosystems beyond the company itself.

Open innovation is embedded in the notion that the sources of knowledge for innovation are widely distributed in the economy. The entire innovation process from discovery and development to commercialization is open to third-party providers and the public if we consider co-innovation with clients, competitors, communities, robots, machines, and in the future with everything that has sensors (Internet of Things). In this context, we see the ecosystem as the next dimension of open collaboration, reflected by the extent to which banks interact internally and externally.

We took away a lot of new information and interesting insights from the conference, not only from the expert presentations but especially from the discussion with the conference participants in the subsequent networking session. We look forward to working with new clients and to next year's conference.

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