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Github shields by is an open source solution for quickly view a project's current state. It is intended for GitHub-based websites, and open repositories. The service is also used by well-known projects like Vue.js, Bootstrap, and VS Code and delivers over 870 million unique tags per month.
InsuranceCom CE 2022 - Cleverbee supported the leading independent platform for insurance executives
InsuranceCom CE 2022 - Cleverbee supported the leading independent platform for insurance executives in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, held on the 4th and 5th October 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland. The main theme of this year's event was "Creating new ways to growth" and it was a logical link to the turbulent events of the last two years, when the foundations of society and the economy were shaken. Traditional insurance business models are thus being challenged by sustainability issues, emerging risks and the accelerating digital economy.
Cleverbee was a silver partner of the leading Swiss conference "Digital Business Transformation Forum" on 29 September 2022 in Zurich.
As a silver partner of the event, Cleverbee supported a major community platform that brings together Swiss business leaders responsible for transformation processes, new business models and digitalization in their companies.
Digital Enterprise and Security 2022
The increasingly frequent cyber attacks do no longer aim only at state-owned enterprises and public authorities, but it is also companies in commericial sphere facing them on a daily basis. One of the few positive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the acceleration of the digitization of business processes and the need for remote working and communication. There is no doubt this led to an overall increased efficiency in businesses. But, in addition to increased efficiency, digitalization also brings with it security risks that cannot be underestimated.
Cleverbee attended the BankersCom conference in Switzerland
We don't limit our trend tracking to local markets. This year we were also part of one of the most important conferences for senior managers from the banking and finance sector in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. The #BankersCom platform is a unique opportunity for dialogues and sharing of important insights and information from the banking and finance sector and is supported by the academic sponsorship and participation of the prestigious University of Zurich.
Adobe Partner Day
Members of our team visited Adobe Partner Day on August 31. The event was hosted at the congress center of Hotel Novotel Warszawa, right in the city center. The whole program consisted of two main blocks. Morning block was aimed more towards the structure of Adobe Experience Cloud and management of experience in general. Then we took a closer look at Adobe Commerce in the afternoon part of the event.
Choosing the best experience? Try Adobe Experience Manager
Choosing the best Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for your business? Adobe Experience Cloud may be just the thing for you, as it's in the prestigious Magic Quadrant of DXP Solution Leaders published annually by Gartner.
Digital Enterprise and Security 15.09.2022
A unique platform to gather useful information for your business and news on data security, documents, digital signatures and BankID.
We are accelerating - the benefits of developing with DevExtreme
Complete web application development from scratch can be very expensive. A proven way to greatly reduce the time it takes to create a project, and thereby development costs, is to use the features of modern libraries and find new tools to make the job easier. While using external libraries may deprive the developer of a unique configuration of special features, in most cases there is little point in reinventing something that has already been invented before.
Why it is necessary to map and model business processes as part of the implementation of a new information system
When ordering a new information system, we logically expect from it and require it to help us meet our strategic goals and increase our company’s productivity. Even worse is if when find that, instead of higher productivity, the newly implemented system slows us down and complicates our routine work. If you ask how this is possible, quite often it is a case of a very trivial mistake, but one which has far-reaching consequences. The problem arises at the outset by underestimating it, or due to the complete absence of any analysis of the company’s processes, which would be helpful in designing solutions and subsequent adjustments to business processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency. An important fact that is often overlooked is the actual role of the information system within the company. The main activity of the IS lies in the support of well-established business processes - the idea that by deploying a new IS you will solve existing problems is odd.