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How Automation and Self-Service Tools Increase Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction in Insurance
Automation and Self-Service - Keys to More Efficient and User-Friendly Insurance In the digital era where speed and accessibility of information play a key role, insurance companies are turning to technologies that transform their clients' experience. Digital portals are an example of this trend, providing users with control and flexibility, while also offering insurance companies tools to reduce costs and increase overall efficiency.
The Story of a System Built from Scratch
While there are no simple solutions for corporations, smaller companies can afford a radical approach. What was it like to step away from the biggest insurance companies, banks and institutions, go back to their roots and program something from scratch again?
Easily control and secure the access and rights of employees across the enterprise - Upgrade to CAS
Central Authentication Service (CAS) is a key tool for securely authenticating and authorizing users within information systems and applications. The recent upgrade to CAS version 6 opens up new possibilities with major enhancements that include both performance optimizations and feature improvements in several areas. This article focuses on the most significant changes and enhancements within the CAS system that we have gained through several of our installations and upgrades with customers who have relied on the tool for years.
Cleverbee is a Silver Partner of InsuranceCom 2023 Conferences
We are proud to be a partner gain at the prestigious InsuranceCom 2023 conferences in Zurich and Vienna. These exclusive events, entitled "Leaders' Insights - Reimagining Insurance", host invitation-only senior insurance executives and provide a platform for the exchange of experiences and perspectives between senior decision-makers of the Swiss and European insurance industry.
Microservices in the world of Liferay 7
The architecture of software systems is opening up new possibilities due to modern technological trends. Microservices management is becoming a key factor in today's environment where agility, scalability and independence from different components are key success factors. And it is in this respect that the open source platform Liferay 7 proves not to be left behind!
A single and secure login to all your apps in one place
In today's technologically interconnected world, software tools play a key role in providing reliable and secure services. One such tool is Apereo CAS, which we use at Cleverbee to fully support our projects and customers. In the following lines, we'll take a closer look at what Apereo CAS is, and why it has become a popular tool not only in the higher education sector, but also among global corporations and smaller specialist institutions.
New dimension of effective decision making with Pentaho Business Intelligence
In today's business world, having the right information at the right time is critical. Today, data is the fuel that drives business growth and success. Yet collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data can be a daunting task that often hinders a company's potential. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you fully leverage the power of data - Pentaho Business Intelligence (BI). As a provider and implementer of this technology, we bring you a comprehensive view of the capabilities.
JMeter vs SoapUI
JMeter and SoapUI are two popular testing tools used for performance and functional testing of web services. While both tools have their similarities and differences, they each have unique features that make them ideal for specific use cases. Now, let's explore their capabilities in more detail.
Gaining valuable insights into user behaviour
Liferay, an open source platform for building web portals and applications, offers a wide range of features for data analysis and performance measurement. With its analytics tools, you can gain a deeper understanding of user behavior, track campaign results, and optimize your digital content.
Flexible and innovative web portal development? Liferay is the way to go!
A high-performance open-source platform called Liferay makes it possible to create and maintain reliable online portals and apps. Users have the freedom and capacity to customize their digital environments because to its broad range of features and modules. To provide insightful user behavior data and assess the success of digital strategy, Liferay combines excellent content management, personalization, and integration with advanced analytics solutions.