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We are accelerating - the benefits of developing with DevExtreme
Complete web application development from scratch can be very expensive. A proven way to greatly reduce the time it takes to create a project, and thereby development costs, is to use the features of modern libraries and find new tools to make the job easier. While using external libraries may deprive the developer of a unique configuration of special features, in most cases there is little point in reinventing something that has already been invented before.
Why it is necessary to map and model business processes as part of the implementation of a new information system
When ordering a new information system, we logically expect from it and require it to help us meet our strategic goals and increase our company’s productivity. Even worse is if when find that, instead of higher productivity, the newly implemented system slows us down and complicates our routine work. If you ask how this is possible, quite often it is a case of a very trivial mistake, but one which has far-reaching consequences. The problem arises at the outset by underestimating it, or due to the complete absence of any analysis of the company’s processes, which would be helpful in designing solutions and subsequent adjustments to business processes in order to achieve maximum efficiency. An important fact that is often overlooked is the actual role of the information system within the company. The main activity of the IS lies in the support of well-established business processes - the idea that by deploying a new IS you will solve existing problems is odd.
Big Data has already gone through “puberty”
Big Data has already gone through “puberty” and has found a firm foothold in the business world. These ideas were heard at the Primetime for Big Data conference of 10 November 2021 at the National Library of Technology in Prague. The main topic of the conference was the streamlining of business in terms of data evaluation, determining the information context and identifying trends in the further development of data processing and data visualization.
Once upon a time in Switzerland
Digitizing Insurance - video
Digitize B2C processes directly and quickly gain new customers. You will provide the client with unique comfort when arranging insurance online and closing a contract, including a digital signature. Fast and comfortable processes attract more clients. We increase the efficiency of business processes, we help gain new customers and increase profitability of your company. You will also connect everything into a single unit of infrastructure.
The best customer experience in retail?
The Retail Summit conference was held at the Prague Congress Center from 21 to 23 September 2021. This was the first big event in a long time with almost a thousand participants.
Danger lurks inside!
Does your company have sensitive data and are you afraid of losing it? Having data that is well-secured against external attacks does not mean that your data is truly protected – danger can lurk inside!
We visited the Trends in Automotive Logistics conference (TAL 2021)
This year's TAL 2021 conference bore the subtitle Going Digital: Where's the Right Balance and prepared a rich program for visitors full of interesting guests.
Cleverbee - since 2001
It has been 20 years since our company was founded.
InsuranceCom in Zurich
Cleverbee will once again be a partner of the InsuranceCom conference, which will be held on 1 October 2021 in Zurich. The platform, where decision makers of Swiss and Central European insurance leaders meet, is very important for the development of our know-how in the field of insurance digitalization.