Microservices in the world of Liferay 7

Microservices in the world of Liferay 7

The architecture of software systems is opening up new possibilities due to modern technological trends. Microservices management is becoming a key factor in today's environment where agility, scalability and independence from different components are key success factors. And it is in this respect that the open source platform Liferay 7 proves not to be left behind!

Known for its ability to deliver powerful portal solutions, Liferay enables you to take advantage of modern microservices concepts. Here are some of the ways Liferay 7 works with microservices: 

  • Portal interface for microservices: Liferay allows you to create custom portlets that can communicate with different microservices. This gives teams the freedom to develop, deploy and update their microservices independently, while the Liferay portal provides a comprehensive user.

  • API Gateway and Integration: Liferay can serve as a central point for routing requests to different microservices, providing a single interface for external clients. 

  • Liferay Commerce: In the world of e-commerce, Liferay can be used to manage various microservices such as shopping cart, payment, or order tracking, increasing modularity and reducing complexity. 

  • Distributed applications: Liferay enables the development of distributed applications through its modular architecture, allowing for the creation of separate microservices for different parts of the application. 

  • Cloud-Native Approach: By providing support for containerization and orchestration, such as Docker and Kubernetes, Liferay can help bring microservices to the cloud and achieve greater scalability. 

  • Modern Integration and Communication: Liferay supports modern communication protocols and integration tools such as REST API and GraphQL, making it easy to connect microservices.

It is important to understand that the move to microservices is not an automatic guarantee of success and can lead to decisions that appear innovative but actually add complexity to deployment and development. While Liferay can provide a solid foundation, success depends on a coherent architecture and the proper processes. 

So as you embark on your journey to an agile and scalable architecture, keep in mind that Liferay can also be your ally when it is time to work with microservices. Now is your chance to get the best of both worlds! ???? 


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