Github shields by

Github shields by

24.03.2023 is an open source solution for quickly view a project's current state. It is intended for GitHub-based websites, and open repositories. The service is also used by well-known projects like Vue.js, Bootstrap, and VS Code and delivers over 870 million unique tags per month.

And what is the project's goal? To provide a consistent, unified, and practical overview of the code within the repositories without the need for extensive exploration or cloning on your own device. offers an extensive selection of services, from continuous integration to social networks to code analysis. It is thus entirely up to the user to decide which parameters of their project to monitor or expose publicly. 

Background information 

The project, created in 2013, is's forerunner. It made use of developer Thaddée Tyl's gh-badges library code. The final form was established under the name as a result of additional innovations and modifications to the project. In addition to Tyl, Olivier Lancan and a large number of other contributing developers are responsible for the present state. 

Design and application 

Simple design tags (shields, badges) in SVG and raster format are displayed in the project overview within, which also contains the tag code. The essential functionality is then handled by the service itself. Below is a broad selection of the most often requested information that is offered by default. 

The latest build status, percentage of code coverage by tests (code coverage), repo size, number of downloads, version number, number of successful and failed tests (passed, failed), or documentation of used technologies. 

Code vulnerabilities, interdependencies with third-party libraries (third-party dependencies) or the level of use of generally accepted best practices can be analyzed.  

Links to social media sites like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and many more can be added. The tags may also include other information in addition to the link, such as the quantity of likes or subscriptions. 

The specifics of Git versioning and overall project activity tracking are further intriguing features. You can see the overall number of commits as well as the number of commits since the last release (deployment). 

The month and year of the latest activity as well as the date of the next deployment can also be included in the tag; this is particularly helpful for determining whether the project is currently active. If none of this is what you are looking for, the service also gives you the choice to design and construct your own tag with custom features. 


Tagging gives you a quick overview of the project's fundamental elements, which increases your level of comfort while examining both your own and other users' code. 

Github Shields is a service that has a lot of potential to develop into a useful standard and popular tool in the Github community thanks to its visual beauty and ease of use.