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We are accelerating - the benefits of developing with DevExtreme

We are accelerating - the benefits of developing with DevExtreme

Complete web application development from scratch can be very expensive. A proven way to greatly reduce the time it takes to create a project, and thereby development costs, is to use the features of modern libraries and find new tools to make the job easier. While using external libraries may deprive the developer of a unique configuration of special features, in most cases there is little point in reinventing something that has already been invented before.

An undeniable advantage in developing new responsive websites using external libraries is also a significant reduction in the amount of code. This makes the application easier for the code review process, which is an effective tool when writing new applications or making any modifications. One such library that is used at Cleverbee is DevExtreme from DevExpress.

DevExtreme is a paid JavaScript library providing pre-made web components for easier and faster responsive web development. Many elements can be found here, from basic textboxes to complex charts. These components can be easily integrated into applications written in jQuery, Angular, Vue, React or directly implemented in a web page within a script. Given the fact they have very detailed documentation, anyone can work with this library without the time-consuming and expensive study of the functionality of each component.

The biggest advantage of this library is undoubtedly the fact that it is written in JavaScript, one of the most supported programming languages in the field of web pages. In conjunction with, for example, the Liferay portal server, you can easily display multiple web applications/portlets on a single page. Of course, Liferay can do this by itself as well. However, thanks to JavaScript, HTTP requests can be sent to the backend of a portlet and receive responses without having to reload the entire page. Instead, you only need to reload the relevant DevExtreme component. This feature has a great optimization effect on the speed of page rendering by the web browser.

If developers want to save more time from the overall development process, they can also find predefined design themes in the DevExtreme package. In another case, however, perhaps a more avid client can also create their own theme. This also applies to component templates. Most components support the configuration of custom templates, i.e., options to dynamically display internal content.

In summary, the benefits of developing with the DevExtreme library are very extensive. It is possible to achieve much faster frontend development and cleaner code without sacrificing the possibility of custom styling of elements. This minimizes the cost and complexity of the project being created and maximizes client satisfaction.