Don’t waste time in a sea of different applications if you can have everything organized in one place through a portal.

Do you use a large number of applications at your company? Does this seem unclear, uneconomical and time consuming to you? We offer a simple solution – a portal. Portal solutions are used to integrate various applications under one roof. From one place and within a single infrastructure, a portal provides users with information based on their level of access.

Over the course of eighteen years of application development and portal solutions, we have chosen the best – the Liferay Portal. We value its advantages in the technology field: Liferay is an open platform that is rapidly evolving and supports technological standards that make it more efficient in meeting the demanding requirements of our clients.

Mini case study

B2C portal for Home Credit

How to make things easier

The Home Credit Group is an international consumer finance provider. Via the creation of a B2C portal, Home Credit wanted to relieve the overloaded call centre and improve its services for customers.

Self-service client portal

Home Credit chose us thanks to our wealth of experience with development of B2C portals and portal applications. The client portal developed for Home Credit now offers clients the ability to manage contracts and accounts.

Immediate success

Our solutions effectively relieved the call centre’s traffic. It can handle up to 15,000 users at a time. Just after launching the portal, it was used by almost five thousand users.

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