A solution for quick approval, electronic signing and clear archiving of documents that saves an unbelievable amount of time.

DMS is an abbreviation for the Document Management System (DMS), i.e. a system that does not allow documents to wander off or get lost, or for someone to forget to approve them. According to our legislature, conventional paper and electronic documents are equally valid and significant, and there is thus a need for a good system that can process and store an amount of electronic documents according to their lifecycle.

In recent years we implemented a number of major DMS projects. We have experience in electronization of document processes, managing the entire lifecycle from scanning to archiving, document conversion to PDF, PDF/A, electronic signing, automatic signature validation and pre-signing of documents. We build our solutions on tools ECM Alfresco, Adobe LiveCycle, Liferay portal and Pentaho.

Mini Case study

System for management of documents and content for CTU

Organize it

The CTU Rectorate chose the ECM Alfresco solution for document flow management. The solution was to offer full services both in the field of document processing automation and in the user area.

No license fees

For our clients we will appreciate the efficiently-used investments and low operating costs. CTU chose our solution because we fully respected their requirements and built the system on robust foundations with no licensing fees.

We finally have an overview

We were able to provide clear management of the Rector agenda. We successfully connected the Alfresco content management system with LDAP, where CTU keeps approximately 22,000 user accounts.

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