Business Intelligence

Good business decisions cannot be made without well-processed data. We give meaning to your data.

We understand Business Intelligence (BI) and its management superstructures as a comprehensive and effective set of tools and practices for working with data. The foundation of Business Intelligence is to convert a large amount of source data into comprehensible information. In order to efficiently work with data, it is first necessary to collect it, clean it, integrate it, convert it into usable formats and analyse it. Understanding the significance of data in the right context is an invaluable added value for your business. BI impacts strategic decisions, and thereby also the company’s success.

Business Intelligence applications and tools include:

  • Temporary and operative data storage,
  • data warehouses,
  • reporting,
  • manager applications,
  • data mining,
  • tools for ensuring data quality. 

Mini Case study

Understandable data for Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile

Convert numbers to data

We developed a comprehensive BI solution for Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech, s. r. o. that automatically generates extensive analytical and operational reports in real time and monitors the company’s activities.

Three-step solution

First the data is read, cleaned, checked and stored in the data warehouse. The next part is analytical dashboards that provide data overviews from individual departments. The last part is reporting: automatic generation and distribution of PDF files.

Up-to-date with one click

We collect data from various systems (Oracle Financials DB, MS Excel, Mainframe, etc.). The solution functions as a set of B2E portal portlets that communicate with each other online and update the content in all management portlets with a single click.

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