Having trouble finding an application that can do exactly what you need? Do none of the general solutions work for you? We will create custom software solutions for you.

Are you demanding and need an application to handle your agenda requirements? Or perhaps you don’t have excessive demands but you haven’t found an application that knows exactly what you need? We can create a perfect custom application to manage your agenda well and comfortably.

Developing applications in the form of agendas means that we configure the software to suit your needs. This can include managing and evaluating suppliers or approving contracts or invoices. We are able to create invoices automatically from production systems, convert them to PDF, sign them electronically and send and save them to the DMS document management system.

Mini Case study

Work with documents for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic

Everything according to the law

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic contacted us so that we could help it meet the requirements for work with documents resulting from the Act on Data Boxes and the amendment to the Act on Archiving and File Service.

Conversions into PDF

We created a worksite for conversion from ex officio and document conversion to PDF. The worksite manages not only conversion to PDF, but also multiple signing of documents using Adobe Reader and long-term archiving of electronic documents.

We trust Adobe

The solution is based on server document platform Adobe LiveCycle PDF Generator, ReaderExtension and process modelling in the Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES environment and integration of conversion services into the file service.

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